Why Register with BlueBryk

Advanced Search Capabilities

Registered users have access to search filters to focus search results

  • Content Source - choose any of manufacturer, consolidator, exchange, store, etc.
  • Design Discipline - choose any of Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing
  • Revit Family Categories - choose any of Revit's content categories from a drop-down list
  • Keywords - Keywords are the only search function available to non-registered users

Direct Links to Content Pages in BlueBryk Directories

  • Manufacturers Directory - In addition to a link to a manufacturer's home page, Registered BlueBryk users will get links to the BIM content pages on the manufacturer's website. In addition, there will be a link to the manufacturer's content page on a consolidator's web page, if available.

BlueBryk BIM Content Quality Ratings

Registered users will see to BlueBryk's ratings of the quality of content in directories and in search results. These are hidden from non-registered users. While our ratings are opinions, they are based on our proprietary testing and evaluation done by BlueBryk's Revit experts.

BlueBryk User Quality Ratings

Registered users will see users' ratings of content quality in directories and in search results. These are hidden from non-registered users. We limit user quality opinions to registered users only. Anonymous opinions are prohibited to maintain the integrity of the results. There must be at least three user quality opinions before any rating is shown.

Content Quality Feedback

As a Registered User, you are allowed to provide your own rating of a content provider's quality. When there are at least three user quality ratings, the average rating will appear in directories and in search results. Comments are shown on the content provider pages. We encourage all registered users to provide their content quality opinions (good or bad) to guide others in their search for quality Revit content. To encourage continuous improvement, we share your opinions - anonymously, of course - with the content providers.

BlueBryk's Commitment

As early adopters of BIM, we were first frustrated by the lack of manufacturer-specific Revit families. As BIM has become ubiquitous, manufacturers, consolidators and others began to provide Revit content. Unfortunately, the knowledge to create quality Revit content has not advanced with the acceptance of BIM as a design, collaboration and construction tool. In addition, the number of content providers has increased, adding to the confusion. These changes have made finding quality Revit content complex, tedious, time consuming and, at times, expensive.

We have received many comments from Revit user groups, Revit blogs, social media and personal contacts that expresses a frustration with the current state of the Revit content acquisition process. We know that the Revit Content Provider Pages directory is a much needed tool. Our goal is to reach a wider audience and bring unprecedented transparency to the broader Revit family acquisition process. We're giving people the tools and objective information they need to make well-informed decisions about their Revit content needs. The amount of time it would take people to aggregate the data and do this research on their own is endless, so we figured we would streamline process.